Ibnu Fadhli, Fany Alfarisi


This study aims to measure how much influence the variables of Claim Risk, Reassurance, Subrogation and Investment Income Returns on Return on Assets credit guarantee companies. To find out how influence 1) Claim Risk on Return on Assets of the guarantee company. 2) Re-guarantee of Return on Assets of the guarantee company. 3) Subrogation of Return on Assets of the guarantee company. 4) Investment Income Returns on Returns on Assets of the guarantee company. 5) Together, the Risk of Claims, Reinsurance, Subrogation and Investment Income Returns on Return on Assets of the guarantee company using a time series, multiple linear analysis approach. Primary data of the guarantee company PT ABC. The findings of this study indicate that the risk of Claims, Reinsurance, Subrogation, Investment Income simultaneously or together significantly influences the Return on Assets. Claim Risk has an individually significant negative effect on Return on Assets. Reassurance does not have a significant individual effect on Return on Assets. Subrogation has a significant influence individually on Return on Assets. Investment Income has a significant influence individually on Return on Assets.

Keywords: Reassurance, Claim Risk, Subrogation, Return on Assets


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